‘Quick’ Thoughts on Electric Vehicles and Investing

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EV problem space:

  • Development & Investments
  • Infrastructure
  • And more…
  1. I’m not perfect and my morals don’t always align with the majority; however, considering most mining companies tend to be extremely exploitative (see what’s happening in DR Congo), I would be at odds directly contributing to that.
  2. In addition to that, I do not have enough knowledge on how lithium-ion batteries are disposed of and to what extent the disposal of lithium-ion batteries impact the environment. Considering research in Australia has shown that approximately 2% of their ~3,000 tone of lithium-ion waste is recycled, I welcome innovation in this space and view companies who focus on solving this as another area to invest in.
  • Other auto manufacturers who are investing in the development of EVs
  • Lithium-ion battery manufacturers
  • Companies focused on mining the ingredients needed for the batteries
  • Companies developing charging stations across the country
  • Utility companies
  • Entertainment companies, or similar, partnering with auto manufacturers (short-term win)
  • EV ETFs




I write about the personal. I write about the mental (health). I write.

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I write about the personal. I write about the mental (health). I write.

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